New in November 8

By Hartford Opera Theater (other events)

Saturday, November 18 2017 7:30 PM 9:30 PM


Hartford Opera Theater’s New in November festival was established in 2010 with a two-fold mission: to seek out and encourage contemporary opera composers and to create an opportunity for the community to experience performances of these new works. Each year, a committee reviews a competitive pool of submissions and selects 5-6 10 minute operas to create an evening of short operatic vignettes. The preparation for New in November is reminiscent of a 24 hour play festival in that the operas are brought from "page to stage" in a condensed and intense period. Once rehearsals begin, we assemble artists from many disciplines: singers, pianists, composers, directors, and conductors who collaborate to make New in November a fun and thought-provoking evening. 

This Year's Operas -

She's Fabulous by Tony Solitro
Who Married Star Husbands by Shuying Li
The Place Where You Started by Mark Lanz Weiser
The Loathy Lady by Paul Richards
Excerpts from Marie Curie Learns to Swim by Jessica Rudman